Connect Groups are a big part of our church. These are where people can invite friends, build great relationships, make new friends, enjoy community and learn to follow Jesus.

We have two kinds of Connect Groups, Bible focused and community focused. These happen every week at various times and places. Within these we cater to various demographics of guys, girls, co-ed, other languages, but primarily, most are Japanese or English speaking groups.

Bible Focused Connect Groups

These are where people can learn how to understand the Bible and the amazing life God has prepared for us through key principles such as Journaling, Simple Prayer, and keeping a Clean Heart (forgiveness). If you would like to visit or join one, please see the list, find a group that will suit you, contact the leader to ask more questions and arrange to check it out.

Community Focused Connect Groups

These are where people can gather around a shared interest and enjoy community. We share one scripture from the Bible, practice simple prayer and enjoy the the hobby or interest together. We have a variety of these, from sports, Mum’s groups, workers groups, lunch groups and are ever growing.

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